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Web Design

Our team knows how to create professional looking websites. Whether you need a professional website for your company, your small business, or for your online store, we will help you achieving your business goals. FOX Technology is one of the best web design companies in Egypt to offer custom made web designs at an affordable price.

We use modern web design technologies (e.g. responsive design, HTML5, CSS3, etc…) to build professional websites with modern designs that can last you for years.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive webdesign is a smart concept to make your website work perfectly on any screen size (smartphones, tablets, PC, etc…). Your website will change it’s layout depending on your user’s device, and screen size.

This technique is used with a mixture of user experience and user interface optimization to help you convert more users to clients. You will no longer need to add content to desktop, and mobile versions. You will add content in one place only and this content will be represented differently depending on the screen.


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